Immanuel United Church of Christ

Loving Others and Doing God's Work


Sunday October 18 Confirmation Service

Pastor MaryBeth Ingberg and Brad Jenks

Our 2020 Cofirmands: Daria Ivory, Logan Taylor and Maggie Ritter

Sunday October 25 Congregation Meeting

Sunday November 1 Totenfest

All Saints Sunday, Nov. 1st. Immanuel UCC will celebrate traditional German Totenfest to remember the lives of loved ones who died in the last year. We will also remember the 220k+ human lives lost due to Covid. We will celebrate life and remember all who grieve their loss. Please contact the church office (708-424-3755) if you have a loved one who died in the last year whose life you want to celebrate, and please join on on November 1, or any Sunday!

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