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Pastor MaryBeth Ingberg

Greetings, Immanuel Friends. If you or a loved one is feeling lonely or isolated, please reach out to family, friends, a Council member, call me! (312) 420-6671.
As always, your friend in Christ,Pastor MaryBeth

Thank you for calling me to be your Pastor. It is an honor and blessing to serve in ministry with you all. The Zoom / In-Person worship service this morning was wonderful. It was a joy to have Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff participate in worship and Officiate the Installation. Rev. Murff is the Associate Minister for the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ. Many thanks to all who helped set everything up: the music was amazing and the technical coordination worked out! Thank you, Immanuel Congregation, for the beautiful framed photos of the rose window and cheerful red doors and for the beautiful flower arrangement! If any were unable to attend this morning, as usual, the Meditation is copied below and attached. Of course, for those who did attend, you’ve already heard the Meditation, “Brave Thomas.”

Remember, if you or a loved one is feeling isolated or lonely, please reach out to family, friends, to a Council Member – call me! You have my number:  (312) 420-6671.

As always, your friend in Christ, Pr. MaryBeth
MaryBeth Ingberg; MDiv, MSOD
9532 S. Hamilton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60643
(312) 420-6671

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